10 Best Places to Cuddle During Snowstorms

10 Best Places to Cuddle During Snowstorms

We recently had another Nor'easter hit us here in New York City.

While it was nice to work from home, the heat wasn't working so well. For safety I had to cuddle with my wife and cat in order to stay warm and not die. After much experimentation we found some good places to cuddle.

1. In bed. Obviously this is a good choice since you can pile blankets pretty high on top of you.

2. In heating ducts. For those with HVAC vents it's best to crawl up in there and wait for that warm air to come through once every five hours.

3. Next to a radiator. Doesn't have to be your radiator. Someone else's will do. Especially if they're out of the apartment and you've snuck in. Why waste all that warmth?

4. Furnace closet. It's a tight fit in there but you're close to the source.

5. Inside oven. This has some dangers but if you put the oven on the lowest temperature setting it's typically safe to cuddle up in there.

6. Bathroom. The smallest room of the house. Turn the hot water on and let it become a sauna.

7. Next to TV. TVs can give off some great heat. Plus it really helps with productivity so you can still get all that "work from home" stuff done.

8. A bright lamp. Turn that light toward you and hope your blankets don't catch fire.

9. With your roommate. Just make sure they know it's only for body heat only, no funny business.

10. With a thousand cats. Go to a rescue organization or animal shelter and ask for a cuddle session with all their cats. This is a really good idea, c'mon I just want to cuddle with all your cats. What's so hard to understand about that? Jeez. Fine I'll leave.