10 Things I Love about Myself

10 Things I Love about Myself

This was difficult to pare down to only ten.

I originally wrote down thousands of things on this list. No, not thousands. Thousands and thousands.

I'm just so lovable.

1. My smile. Whenever I smile at myself, my soul lights up.

2. Scent. I smell great. Go on and take a sniff. I will after you.

3. Energy. I have a ton of energy. At least I will after I take this nap. Come nap with me. (But not in a weird way, seriously, I just want to sleep. You can sleep on the couch in the other room).

4. Courteous. I am courteous and considerate as long as I get my way.

5. Thoughtful. I think a lot. So many good thoughts pass through my head.

6. As kind as I'm handsome. Pretty self explanatory. My kindness makes people swoon.

7.  Wonderful sense of humor. I love laughing to myself.

8. Generous dance partner. I take myself dancing many times and I always feel like I am a good lead but also let myself do my own thing.

9. Excellent at buying presents. I am really good at picking out presents for myself. I know exactly what I want and I'm never disappointed.

10. My eyes. I love how they sparkle when they look at myself.