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10 Things I'm Scared Of

Joey McKeownhumor, fearComment
10 Things I'm Scared Of

We all have our own fears.

Here's what I think about at four am when I wake up and can't get back to sleep.

1. Spiders and snakes. I can deal with spiders and snakes each on their own, but together, not sure I can handle it. My only hope is that a snake will attack a spider.

2. Nuclear apocalypse. I just have too much on my plate to deal with that right now, you know.

3. News. It's rarely if ever good.

4. Hell. Where there is "weeping and gnashing of teeth." Doesn't sound like fun.

5. Heaven. With some notable exceptions I haven't met many Christians--or any people for that matter--that I want to spend eternity with. It's not personal or anything, it's just a lot of time to be listening to contemporary Christian music.

6. Dying. Not looking forward to it, though if I just float away and can look at everyone and feel a enormous amount of peace and joy then maybe it'll be okay. 

7. Large groups of people. I prefer to talk one-on-one. Or none-on-one. Or Cat-on-one. 

8. Not eating. I like food. I need it now, actually. Like right now.

9. Not enough sleep. Damn, I don't like not getting enough sleep.

10. Deep space. I have these reoccurring dreams where I'm drifting through space alone in a tiny spaceship that has no power and the sun is setting and soon I'm all alone in the darkness and my radio doesn't work but the oxygen level is fine so I can live for a while but I'm just all alone.