10 Tips for Working from Home

10 Tips for Working from Home

With the cyclone bomb hitting New York City and the East Coast, many of us are working from home.

While working remotely is a great way to avoid the 50mph gusts of wind and negative temperatures, working from home still has its challenges. Which is why I've compiled ten tips (from the comfort of my bed obviously). 

1. Stay focused. There are many distractions at home: the TV, that magazine you were going to read, a book, the wall. Don't let these things distract you.

2. Hydrate. It's important to drink your liquids. If there is twirling snow outside and negative temperatures, I recommend a hot toddy to stay warm. Or vodka.

3. Don't neglect relationships. Sure you want to do a good job, but someone has to cuddle the cat. Look at him. You can't not cuddle with him, seriously.

4. Time management. You wake up early and are about to get up but you realize: I save an hour since I don't need to commute to work. Yeah! You go back to sleep and when you wake up again it's 11am. But you realize: I save another hour since I don't have to commute home. It's cool, go back to sleep.

5. Take Breaks. Don't be too hard on yourself. Napping is super healthy and you'll probably have more energy if you take a two hour nap after lunch. That's science.

6. Eat. Make yourself a delicious and healthy lunch. And a snack. And another snack. Snack again. Have another snack. Snack snack snack. It's fun saying snack. Snack snack snack. Okay, I'm done now. Kidding! Snack!

7. More breaks. You must be tired. Take a break. Naps can be exhausting so take some time for yourself.

8. Exercise. Do ten pushups. Have a protein shake. Do ten more pushups. Congratulations, you are totally buff now and also you cleared your mind for more work.

9. Persevere. It's 4pm. You've do so much today already. You are a great person and likely have achieved more than anyone else working from home. Sure you fell asleep and you drooled on your keyboard and now the j and k keys don't work. Keep going. No one uses those keys anyway.

10. Reward. You sent an email. Have a gallon of ice cream. Great job! You're done for the day.