10 Ways to Feel Like a Champion

10 Ways to Feel Like a Champion

Some days I wake up in the morning and don't feel so hot. That ever happen to you? When it does, here are ten things I've personally tested that make me feel like a champion:

1. Run through the streets with your arms upraised, pumping your fists occasionally, ignoring the long line of cars honking behind you.

2. On the subway, carry a large 1st place trophy with you and nod and smile and shrug modestly at people as if to say, "Yes, I know I'm a champion, you know I'm a champion, but gosh I'm so embarrassed but delighted about the whole thing."

3. Wear a t-shirt that says champion on it. Simple but effective.

4. Insist that people call you champ. Especially your boss.

5. Get a bathrobe and comfortable slippers and wear this all the time because this is what champions do.

6. Buy a lot of balloons that say champion and get into a small elevator with other people. Trust me, they'll know.

7. Get leggings that have champion written across the butt.

8. Wear more tassels. I don't know how this works but you'll feel like a champion, trust me.

9. Get a mug with champion written on it and make sure you really push it in people's faces so they know.

10. Win at everything, no matter how small a thing it is.

Go get them, champ.