8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

With a cat or two around the house or apartment, even the most careful and observant pet parent may not notice what Kitty is up to.

Simplest oversight or negligence may have huge consequences for your cat. Here are 8 things you should NEVER do to your special feline friend.

1. Have them drive a car

Cats are notoriously aggressive drivers. Think about it: your cat stays indoors and rarely comes in contact with other animals. So you think, why not give him the keys and let him have a night away from home. Studies have shown that cats tend to drive aggressively, make sharp turns often without signaling, and go above the speed limit. They should not be trusted driving a car alone. Instead, take them out for a spin when you’re in the car.

2. Give your cat a chainsaw unsupervised

It’s common to just open your back door and let your cat slip outside with the chainsaw to have some fun on her own. But you really shouldn’t let a cat use a chainsaw or other heavy machinery unsupervised. Your kitty’s reaction to that much horsepower might be curiosity, confusion, or fright. It’s best to be there when she fires it up for your peace of mind and hers.

3. Give them a credit card

Credit can prove a hazard to curious cats.  Excitement over a new toy can lead to the purchase of ten thousand cans of his favorite cat food. It’s best to give your cat cash so there is a fixed limit on their spending.

4. Give them power of attorney over your grandmother

Your cat seems healthy. She eats well, looks good, and hasn’t changed her activity level. Underneath that sunny and relaxed exterior lies a cold, calculating heart. Felines are masters at concealing their ill will toward the dying.

They may use the power of attorney to cut you or other family members out of the will, and instead of a funeral they may have a feeding party. I know, it sounds insane but it’s actually happened.

5. Make them your primary care physician  

A surprising number of felines pad their resumes and shockingly do not hold medical degrees even though they claim to do so. Before making a cat your PCP it’s best to do a thorough background check to make sure their degree and experience are valid.

6. Forget your cat’s birthday

They love to be celebrated and honored. They always hold a grudge. Don't forget.

7. Beat your cat at board games or card games

Cats don’t like to lose. You may have won that game of Monopoly but remember, they know where you sleep at night and can easily slash your throat.

8. Rob a bank with your cat

He will keep all the money and frame you. He is a cat. No one will suspect him. That's what I keep telling my lawyer.