I am usually smart enough to know when to keep on, when to give up. In this case, though, I'm not sure when to let go of this shark I'm holding somewhat desperately onto.


You might say, Don't grab a shark in the first place, and that would be a fair statement, but I fell into this aquarium tank when I was trying to grab the balloon that slipped out of my son's hand and I had to climb the ladder that said, Don't climb.

When I fell in the tank and the shark brushed against me I got a little scared so I decided if I grabbed and held it he wouldn't be able to attack me.

But it doesn't seem to like to cuddle and now I'm afraid to let it go because perhaps even if he was cool before with me in the tank, now that I've grabbed him and held onto him perhaps he will take revenge by biting off my leg. And I'd rather not bleed to death in front of my family after they return from the bathroom.

Seriously, any suggestions are welcome, and if you could please stop taking pictures and selfies and videos and actually come up with some ideas of what I should do, I think in my head as the shark thrashes me around.

Just as I let go of the shark and and I'm about to hit it on the nose--that's what they say to do, I think--the workers pull me out and the shark goes off and I'm spitting water and thinking, Wow, I wrestled with a shark.

Meanwhile my wife and kids are still in the bathroom and when they get back I'll have to warn them about this tank, don't fall in, and don't grab onto any sharks, and all my son will care about is the balloon I promised to get back. It's gone now.

It was my favorite balloon, he said, before my wife took him to the bathroom. But I'll tell him about the time I swam with a shark and almost died and left him fatherless. That should take his mind off things.