I dream at night. Dreams are healthy. The subconscious is working things out. In my dream I am a nurse. A sassy male nurse working in the emergency room. I save people's lives. A man comes in with a bullet lodged in his arm. What happened here? I say. You piss off your wife? I dig it out with a scalpel. A woman comes in with a heart attack. Just calm down, honey, it's all going to be okay. By the way, love your scarf, I say as I perform CPR. A man comes in with a stake through his eyeball. I've never seen that in my thirty years of medicine, the doctor says. I pull it out and save his eye. It's just a little stake, I say. No biggie. What are you a werewolf or something? I say. Someone tried to put this through your heart and missed? I am a terrific nurse. All the doctors love me. I dream I am a werewolf. I eat small animals. Racoons. Squirrels. Little dogs, those are the tastiest. Yum. Dreams are healthy. I am flying through the sky. I am Superman. I've always wanted to fly. And now I am. Please don't wake me up, let me be. I begin to fall. My super powers are gone. I am falling to the earth. I land; I wake. I go out on the balcony in the morning sun. I still want to fly and look over the edge. I can do this. I got this. Everything's going to be alright.