I saw a man naked. He was in my house.
I came home and there he was changing
into my lavender dress, my favorite one.
Sheila? he said. I’m so glad you’re home.
No, I said. Who are you? You’re not
Sheila? he said. No, I said. Are you sure?
he said. Is this part of the game? What
game? I said. I’m calling the cops. Listen,
Sheila, you asked me to come over, and
this whole thing was last minute, I might
add, so here I am. I’m calling the cops, I
said. This is 1240 Elm, right? he said.
No, I said. 1242. Ooooooooooooooh, he
said. My mistake. Lovely dress you have
here. This one is very special. On his way
out he gave me his card.  It was just his
name and the phrase: “Adventures for
Body & Soul.” He wasn’t bad looking, this
man. Maybe I’ll give him a call. I
wouldn’t mind an adventure.