I make things right. Every day when the sun comes up is a chance to make things right again. To do a better job than the day before. To be kinder, more confident, happier, to enjoy life more, exercise more, and to make any necessary apologies that you were too drunk to make the night before. Like to your roommate. You might say, Sorry I drank all your beer and ate all your snacks including but not limited to one bag of barbecue potato chips, two peanut butter cups, half a bag of Doritos (some of which I threw randomly around the apartment), two slices of pizza, M&Ms, and two hot pockets (which you hid in the freezer, you bastard!).

Sorry I borrowed your phone and emailed your boss that you quit your job and he could go to hell and texted your mom and said that you were in jail and sorry that I texted all your friends and said that you hated them all and you weren't friends with them anymore and sorry for dropping your phone in that glass of water, I don't think it works anymore. And sorry I fell asleep smoking a cigarette and caught your new couch on fire and burned the apartment down. That wasn't cool. Today is my day to make things right. Can I get you a cup of tea?