You do realize God has a plan for you. I know that. For a fact. I pray every night for you, sweetie. Every night I cry out to God for you. Show him your plan, I say. Show him your divine providence. You have to pray, sweetie. Tell me you’ll say a prayer tonight. You never know when the Lord’s going to call us home. Neither the hour or the day. And I want to see you on God’s path before I die.
    Uh-huh, I said.
    Tell me you’ll say a prayer tonight.     
    Okay, I’ll say a prayer.
    Thank you, sweetie. My time is almost up. I know the Lord’s going to call me home soon. He showed me a vision.
    What vision?
    I woke up and there was an angel hovering above me. It is prepared, he said. That’s what he said to me. He gave me a choice. I could go with him now, or I could return to my body and still do good on this earth. But only for a short time.
    What did he look like?
    He was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. He was light and peace and love. Once you see that, you know. You know that God exists, that He loves us. More than you ever know. Do you believe that, sweetie, that God loves us? Because he does. And when He takes me home I’m going to be up there praying for you, talking to Jesus for you. I’m going to be praying for you all the time, baby. Night and day. I’m going to see you up there with me. One day we’ll be together again. You and me, sweetie. Won’t that be wonderful, you and me, sweetie?