Bushwick Girls

They’re Bushwick Girls. That’s what they told me. They lived in an illegal sublet off the L train. They were from Omaha, Nebraska. Sisters, they said, but I wasn’t sure since they were making out on the dance floor. We did shots of Jack Daniel’s and they danced on the bar. They were kicked out for doing blow in the bathroom. We went to a bar in Brooklyn under the JMZ line. They tagged the white walls of the bathroom. One wrote, Anarchy; the other, Double Anarchy. They were anti-artists, they said. Part of a collective called The Anti-Christ and Mary Magdalene the Whore. I work at Goldman Sachs, I said. The one who wrote Double Anarchy made out with me. They went for a smoke outside and disappeared. I paid the bill, got breakfast at a diner on Broadway, and went to work.