God bless! God bless! he said. God bless you! He was walking down the street, talking to each person. God bless you, sir. And you, madam. And you, mademoiselle. And you, young sir. And you, little lady. God bless! O God is good, all the time, he put this song of praise in this heart of mine. O God is good–sing it with me, folks!–all the time–sing it!–he put this song of praise in this heart O mine. He was dancing. His name was G.B. He’d legally changed it, he told me. I changed it, he said, because God Bless is the most powerful words in the Human Language. That’s right, human language. Not English language. I saw G.B. when I walked to class. I loved his vibe. He had a great vibe. At night G.B. slept under some scaffolding on West 13th Street near some subway grates. One night I went up to him and asked if I could interview him for my journalism class. He said yes if I bought him a beer. I agreed and bought him a beer. He opened the bottle and took a sip. I turned my tape recorder on. Where are you from? I said.
    The real answer is Dayton, Ohio, he said. It’s the answer I’m supposed to give. It’s the answer society wants me to give. But it doesn’t explain anything. It’s bullshit. It’s the real answer but it’s the fake answer. It’s true but it’s not true.
    What’s the other answer?
    I come from God. I come from the City of God. I am an angel of God. An angel of love. I spread God’s love. God’s love is God’s blessings. When I say God bless I’m saying God loves you. It’s how I redeem myself for my sins.
    Your sins?
    Yes, my sins. My many sins.
    What sins, can I ask?
    Let me explain, he said. I am an angel of God but I am also an angel of Satan.
    An angel of Satan?
    Yes. During the day I am an angel of God but at night I am an angel of Satan. During the day I am the sun but at night I am the full moon.
    The full moon?
    My fathers are St. Michael the Archangel and Beelzebub, the prince of darkness. They made love and I was born.
    Okay, so you’re, like, an angel. Or something?
    I am an angel now. I was a goblin. I was a witch. I flew to New York on a broomstick. I flew with my seven sisters. We lived in Queens. In a subway tunnel. One day I turned myself back into a man. When you are a witch and turn yourself back into a man it is the worst betrayal. I had to kill my seven sisters. I killed all of them. Their corpses are still in the tunnel. It takes a hundred years for a witches’ corpse to rot. I made a necklace of their eyeballs. The left eye, the evil.
    A necklace of eyeballs?
    Yes, to ward off their evil spirits. They’re trying to seek revenge. I wear the necklace at night to protect myself. But I was hungry so I ate it.
    Okay. So, like, besides that, what do you usually eat? Like where do you go to eat?
    I eat butterflies. I eat beams of light. I take showers in rainbows. I eat unicorns. At night my heart turns to black boiling liquid and it warms me. It boils in my body. It cooks the food I eat.
    How long have you been saying God bless to people?
    Souls are balloons. I catch souls during the day and release them to the sky. They fly up to God. How long have balloons existed? That’s how long I’ve been saying God Bless. I’m old now. The devil came to me when I was young. I begged the devil to appear and he did. He told me to slit my family’s throats and cut out their eyes and cut off their ears. He told me to light the fire to send them to hell where they belonged. When the house burned I worshiped the devil. I walked seven years on seven continents to do the devil’s bidding. I had to. On the seventh day of the seventh month at the seventh hour I wrestled the devil. He turned me into a goblin. Then he turned me into a witch. I found my seven sisters and lived with them. We drank children’s blood and cat’s blood. It was delicious. After I turned myself back into a man I revealed my true nature, an angel of darkness and an angel of light.
    He sipped his beer.
    Okay, I said. Interesting.
    Do you have a girlfriend? he said.
    Do you have a girlfriend? he said.
    Um, yeah, I said.
    I see her, he said. Long black hair, right? Long black hair like my seven sisters. I see her. She is showering. All alone. No, not alone. A little devil is watching her, up high in the corner. He’s grinning and watching her. He’s clenching a knife in his teeth. He’s waiting to cut her throat. He needs the blood to feed his children.
    Okay, I think I’m done here, I said.
    It’s over? he said. You’re leaving?
    Yeah, I said.   
    God bless!