We taped the windows criss-cross so if they broke they didn’t shatter. I told Uncle Don. We cleaned up the stray wood and stacked the firewood for the wood stove. You got a wood stove? Uncle Don said. You don’t see that too much. I was playing soccer in the backyard and stepped on a stick and it went into my foot. Mom had to pull it out with tweezers. She said that’s what you get for running around barefoot. I went outside and got on the raft in the pool. You got a pool? Uncle Don said. A blow up pool, I said. Annie wanted to get on the raft but I didn’t let her. She splashed me and I splashed her back and she got water in her eyes and cried. She went to mom and mom said I had to give her a turn. We picked up the toys and locked the shed. We listened to the radio. The hurricane was down near South Carolina coming up the coast. Dad was studying since he was taking a summer course. His door was closed. Why do they name hurricanes after girls? I said. Because no one can get angry like a woman can, he said. Mom was on the TV. She was singing, Do you believe in the power of the Holy Ghost? She was singing with a black preacher. I was walking down the street to Rabbit Run when a man in a truck stuck his head out the window and yelled at me. I’m gonna kill you. He threw a beer bottle at me and it broke on the sidewalk. That wasn’t very nice, Uncle Don said. You were walking by yourself? I was getting a popsicle for me and Annie. The man was probably just drunk, he said. He was just talking. He didn’t mean anything by it. I wasn’t scared, I said. You don’t get scared too easily, huh? he said. No, I said. We were driving down Indian River Road through the swamps. When the sun came through the trees, you could see the lines of light. There were birds flying through the light. Are there alligators here? I said. He laughed. No, not this far north. He looked over at me. You ever seen a gator? I shook my head. I saw one once, he said. I was down in Florida. I was out walking with my friend Bobby. He’s got the same name as you. He was showing me the birds. He was a big bird watcher. I was asking him if there were any gators around, if they were dangerous. And Bobby says, Well, you gotta be careful, but most gators are afraid of people, and if you stay out of their way, they stay outta of yours. And my friend, he was a real joker, so he went down into the water a little bit. He had those tall wading boots on, and he’s in the shallow water splashing around and saying, Hey gator, gator. Come here, boy. Hey, gator, gator. He’s laughing. Then he goes down real quick in the water. He’s thrashing around. I thought he was joking. But then I see the gator. The gator’s got him by the legs. Bobby’s thrashing around and trying to punch the gator in the head. I go and grab Bobby and try to pull him out of the water. I’m pulling on him as hard as I can, playing tug-of-war with the gator. Finally I get him free and up on dry land, but it’s just the top half of him. His legs are gone. The gator’s got ‘em. Bobby looks up at me and says, Hell, that was a close call. Then he looks down at his missing legs. Aw shit, he says. He bled to death right there. Uncle Don looks at me. You scared now? he says. I shake my head. We park in an empty restaurant lot. Down the street I see a white van with the words Channel 7. A man in a yellow slicker gets out of the van and looks at the ocean. We walk to the beach. Uncle Don is taking off his clothes. He’s going for a swim.