She has a dog named Gucci. She says, Gucci, Gucci, come to mama. Come sit on my lap. Come here, you little doggy. Mama’s gonna take care of you. Mama’s gonna hold you. Mama’s gonna love you. Gucci, you my little boy. You my little man. 

She talks on the phone. She says, I took Jason to the Toys R Us in Times Square. Have you been there? It’s crazy in there.  They got a dragon in there, they got legos in there, they got a roller coaster in there. They got everything in there.

The walls are thin. I put my face close. Gucci, Gucci, I say. Come to mama. Come to mama. Mama’s hungry. Mama’s hungry. I want some doggy meat, Gucci. I want some little doggy meat. 

Gucci is barking.

What’s wrong, Gucci? she says. What’s wrong, my little baby? my little boy? Is that woman bothering you? She’s just a crazy woman. Don’t pay attention to her. Mama’s gonna keep you safe.

Gucci, Gucci, I whisper. Mama’s gonna eat you. Mama’s gonna cook you in a pot. Run away, Gucci. Run away.