He thought he was Jesus Christ. He said he was his reincarnated spirit. Jesus died on the cross, he said, but there was no resurrection and in every generation Jesus’ spirit was reincarnated. His name was Marco. He was taking off his shirt.

Marco was a model and wanted to show me how beautiful he was. He wanted me to sleep with him. He said he was the butt double for many famous actors. If he told me the names, I’d known them, but he was contractually-obligated to secrecy. It would become clear very soon why he had been chosen for this job. His agent was telling him he was close to getting an ad in Times Square. It was going to be one of the most provocative ads ever. It was a toothpaste ad. He would be naked. With a large tube of toothpaste.

You are a Christian? he said. I don’t want to insult your faith. It’s difficult for many to believe I am Jesus’ reincarnated spirit, but it was revealed to me in a dream.

My family is Mennonite, I said.

I would like to meet your family, he said.

I imagined bringing him home to Pennsylvania. This is Marco. He is the reincarnated spirit of Jesus Christ. He is also a model. Perhaps you’ve seen his toothpaste ad?  

Marco was taking off his pants. My family is Catholic, he said. They do not believe I am Jesus’ reincarnated spirit. They say I am blaspheming. They say, You are not Jesus, you are just Marco. I say, No, no. I do not want to be just Marco. I am Jesús. I am Jesucristo!