You are full of potential. You have so much talent, Kevin. So much. I just know that one day you can tap into it. Right now obviously you’re not living your dreams, you’re not doing the thing you want most out of life, but have some patience. Be gentle with yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself. I mean it. Do that every morning. I love myself. Say that. We have to love ourselves, Kevin. Do you love yourself? Why not? You have to, Kevin, faults and all. I understand. I understand. It took me years to learn how to love myself. It took me years to work through my depression to be able to love myself. Acceptance, trust, love. But let me tell you, Kevin. it’s worth it. You’ll feel your entire life change, open up, become something new. Look at me. I was miserable for so long. Age sixteen. Thrown out of my parent’s house for being gay. After I’d tried to kill myself. I went to live with my Uncle. He let me stay, God bless him. He even called up my father and yelled at him for kicking me out. My father drove over to my Uncle’s and demanded he throw me out onto the streets “to teach me a lesson.” Demanded. Threatened. Screamed. I was in the bedroom. My Uncle got out his gun and pointed it at my father. Get off my lawn, he said. I saw it from the window. You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me, my father said. My Uncle shot the gun into the air twice. Bang bang. Holy fucking shit. He was serious. I was angry with my father, but I didn’t want to see him get shot. Even after he hit me when I said I was gay. He punched me in the face. He said he was going to cut my balls off. He got out a butcher knife and told me to take my pants off. Crazy, right? My mother was screaming. Scott! Scott! That’s my father’s name. I ran out the house. If you ever come back here I’ll beat the shit out of you! my father yelled. I mean, Jesus. He has issues, some serious issues. Anger issues, for one. He always had a serious temper. I get it. It was stressful, six kids. He had a shitty job, didn’t make any money. There were always bills, always something to pay for–dentist, glasses, swimming lessons, sports, braces, school stuff, clothes, all that fucking shit. I get it. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t do it. Six kids, no fucking way. It’s funny, out of all my siblings only one of my sisters has kids. Two kids, that’s it. I think everyone else was scared off. We all realized what a fucking nightmare it was for our parents, that many kids. And why’d they do it? No birth control. Because Fr. Ramon said so. The church is partly responsible for my parents. For the way they acted. Did the church try to protect me? Did Fr. Ramon call me up and see if I was okay. No. He knew who was paying his salary. I was the bad guy, the sinner. If you’re a straight white male you can do whatever the hell you want. Beat your gay son. Fine. Throw him out on the street. Sure, why not? It took me a long time to get over this. If your parents reject you, that fucks you up. I hated myself, deep down inside. Really hated myself, I didn’t even know how much. Loving yourself, Kevin, is the most fundamental step to happiness. Okay, get dressed now. You have to leave. I promised Tony you’d be gone before he got back. Those are the arrangements. Kiss me. Bye, darling. Remember what I said, Kevin. Remember, love yourself.