Kids are a wonderful gift of God. Just wonderful. We should welcome each and everyone, and thank God for them. I don’t have any unfortunately. That’s something I’d like to change. I talk to my wife. When are we going to have a baby? I say. Don’t you want a little baby to hold in your arms, to love? I’ve never liked children, she says. Babies turn into whiny little kids. Then teenagers. Oh, God. She shudders. Perhaps we should have discussed this before we married, I think. Did we? I don’t remember. She kisses me and leaves for work. I must be patient.

I began believing in God recently. I was on one of my walks with our poodle Scottie, and I began to be aware of a presence: a universal all-powerful divine presence. Nothing dramatic happened to make me feel this way. Scottie was peeing in some bush and there it was: I believed in God. I didn’t have a choice. It was just there. I told Scottie about it. He understood. 

I began to notice children on these walks. Scottie likes the attention and as I watched the kids come up to him and pet him and laugh when he licked their faces, I thought, I want a child.

My wife doesn’t like change. She didn’t want Scottie at first, but now she adores him. We have to act soon though. I wonder if Scottie is aware of his biological clock. If he is, he handles it gracefully. Nothing worries him too much.

Hello little baby, I say on our walks. How are you? Would you like to come home with us? My wife will be surprised. Here’s a baby, I’d say. I got a little baby for us. Isn’t it wonderful?