Mr. Good Times

I’m trying on a new personality. I’m going to be fun. I’m going to be upbeat. I’m going to a bright light of optimism in this dark terrible world. I’m going to be Mr. Good Times. Hey, Mr. Good Times, people will say on the street. How are you today? Hell, I’m wonderful, I’ll say. The world may be shit. I may be old and alone. My daughter may not speak to me, but I’m not going to let that get me down. And I’ll smile. I’ll grin like some young fool in love. I’ll do a little tap dance. I studied when I was a child. I’ll do a little clickaty-clack, a little spin, a little clickaty-clack-clack-clack, a little twirl, and a Hey! The world ain’t gonna get me down. No, sir. Gonna keep my chin up. Gonna smile when all I feel is a frown. Gonna laugh when all I wanna do is cry. Gonna sing when all I wanna do is fight. Nothing’s gonna get me down. No, sir! I’m Mr. Good Times. I’m writing it everywhere. On sidewalks. On walls. On buildings. On the subway. On people. In my apartment. I got at least a thousand Mr. Good Times on my walls. I need to write more. I’m not going to stop until there’s a million Mr. Good Times in this goddamn city. Everybody’s gonna know. There goes Mr. Good Times, with a smile on his face, even though there are tears in his heart. How can there be bad times, when there’s Mr. Good Times?