My Dear

Hello, my dear. Where is everyone? You’re all alone. They’re parking? Come and give me a kiss. Oh, that was nice. You’re such a sweetie. I can’t tell you how much I love you. I could hug you all day. Come in and take off your jacket. Oh, that’s a lovely dress. Beautiful, my dear. You just came from church? You’re such a beautiful young lady. Your mom and dad are okay? They’re not fighting out in the car, are they? No, good. Come and give me another hug. I can never get tired of that. As long as I live, I won’t get tired of it. Was church fun? Did your daddy preach a sermon today? Maybe I’ll come sometime. I’ll have to get dressed up and wear a hat. I’ll be a proper church lady, just like my mother. She was very proper. And strict, oh boy. I hope your parents aren’t that strict. If I misbehaved she took the ruler out and hit the back of my hand until I cried.

I hope they’re not hitting you. You tell me if they are, and I’ll have a word with your daddy, okay? I won’t tolerate that. I never hit your father. And he turned out just fine. Without any violence. I won’t stand for it. I didn’t expect him to be a deacon, but that’s okay. He’s a good son. And you’re a wonderful granddaughter. You’re a little angel. One more hug and I’ll leave you alone. Oh that’s nice. That’s very nice. Where are they? They couldn’t find a spot, I suppose. I’m so happy you came by. I wish I could see you every day. I’d be happy then. I’d be so happy. One more hug, my dear.