My son is seeking the power of the Holy Ghost. He’s at college now. The secular forces and influences of the world are overwhelming him. There might even be demonic forces attacking his soul. Attacking my precious little boy.
    I’ve been praying for you so much, sweetie, I say when he calls. So much.
    Okay, he says. Thanks.
    Are you coming home this weekend?
    I don’t think so, he says. I have papers to write.
    You can write them here, I say.
    No, it’s better if I stay. I need to use the library.
    We have to pray together, sweetie, I say. Pray to make you strong. Pray for the power of the Holy Ghost to protect you. Are you praying? I can’t do all this by myself.
    I try, he says.
    You have to try, sweetie! You have to. When I lost my job all I had was prayer. I called out to God and he heard me. He answered my prayers.
    But you hate the job you got.
    That’s not the point, sweetie. He answered my prayers. His way, not my way. I’m blessed to have this job. B-l-e-s-s-e-d. It might not be perfect but we have to ask God to help us accept the imperfect.
    Yeah, he says.
    Are you going to church, sweetie? I say.
    I try to. When I can.
    Sweetie, you’ve got to make it a priority. A number one priority. You’re giving the devil a chance to take a stranglehold on your soul if you don’t go to church.
    Okay, yeah.
    It’d be better if you were coming home this weekend. We could go to church together. Pastor Kay is praying for you too, sweetie. I told him my boy needs prayers.
    Okay, thanks.
    Oh, sweetie. I just miss you so much. Do you miss me?
    Did you get my package?
    Yeah. But you don’t have to send me Valentine’s Day stuff.
    Oh, but you’re my Valentine. You’ll always be my Valentine.
    Yeah, you shouldn’t send that stuff to me.
    I shouldn’t? I can do what I want when I went. You’re my son. I just send it because I love you.
    Okay. I would just prefer you didn’t.
    I just love you, sweetie. Don’t you love me?
    Mom, please.
    You don’t?
    No. Yes. I mean…God, mom.
    What? You love me, don’t you?
    Yeah, yeah.
    Can you say it?
    I can’t right now.
    You can’t say you love your own mother? Why can’t you say it?
    I just can’t right now.
    You can’t or you won’t?
    I can’t.
    Oh c'mon, sweetie. I just want to hear you say it. Just, I love you.
    He was quiet. He mumbled something.
    What, sweetie?
    He mumbled again. But I heard it. I heard it.
    I love you too, sweetie. So much! And I’m praying for you every day. Oh Jesus, please watch over my precious boy. Watch over and protect him. Thank you for your many blessings and also for your discipline which purifies our souls. Dear Jesus, we ask you to keep Terence strong, to make him a warrior for Christ, to make him a soldier in your holy army, so that he may defeat the enemy. So that he may stomp on the devil’s throat. May he fight the evil forces attacking him, may he resist the temptations of the flesh, of drunkenness, sexual impurity, promiscuity, pornography, all the evil of the world. May he please You only. In his Precious Name we pray. Amen! Okay, bye, sweetie!