Hello, little pigeon. I have nothing to give you today. Nothing. All I had is gone. You see, little pigeon, I gave it all away. I wanted to have nothing. I wanted to be like you.  How do you survive, little pigeon? You neither toil nor spin. You eat little scraps? Little leftovers? What we all throw away? Do you mind if I join you? I shall be a little pigeon. I shall neither toil nor spin. I shall ruffle my feathers and coo. Perhaps someone will feed me. I will eat scraps. The little bits. The trash that everyone throws away. It will be a nice little life. Come here, little pigeon. Come here. I want to give you a hug. We are brothers now, you and I. Let us embrace. Come here, little pigeon. Come here. I love you, my little pigeon. I love you so much.