Joey McKeownComment


Joey McKeownComment

I embraced a total stranger once.
I asked their permission, of course.
I’m a hugger, I screamed.
I’m just one of those crazy huggers
We’re always hearing about,
And I’ve got to be honest with you,
You look like you needed a hug.
Thanks, the person says, after the hug.
How would you rate that hug? I say, on
a scale of one to ten? Just be honest.
Give it to me straight. A five, he
says. A five? I say, a five? That’s
unacceptable. Here, let me try again.
Let me try again. How’s that, huh, how’s
that hug? Pretty good, right? Right? It
better be? I'll be so upset if it's not
highly rated! Okay? A ten you say. Yes!
A ten! I'm such a good hugger!