Jem, Who Outsources Everything

Jem, Who Outsources Everything

Jem is the author of the 1-Hour Workweek as well as the wildly popular 60 Seconds to a Rock Hard Bod.

A popular writer on the web, he often speaks at conferences and leads leadership retreats. I managed to talk to him on the phone one afternoon. Or did I?

So you're known as the guy who outsources everything.

Yes, that's me.

How does that allow you to be successful?

It allows me to focus on the the things that truly matter. We only have a certain amount of productive time during the day, and we need to work on the things that only we can do. All those other administrative tasks, those ordinary functions, those trivial things that we all feel we need to do should be outsourced.

Where do you outsource?

I have various sources for my outsourcing. I have one main assistant who works in Vietnam and others who focus on other areas of my life. We all have a conference call everyday at 9am where I go over the day's plans. I am a true proponent of outsourcing as a way to change your life. Since we can hire more affordable labor in other countries it's truly a great time to be an outsourcer.

Give some examples of what you outsource.

Laundry, scheduling my appointments, writing my blog posts, writing my emails, dating.


Yes, I have someone monitor my dating apps and respond and write messages. I've given them clear instructions and a certain parameters and once they've set up a date they give me the info.

Has that worked out?

Yeah, I was really clear about what I wanted. The only time is when I don't have time to read their profile and the messages that my guy sent so I end up asking a lot of the same questions. The one girl was mad at me that I seemed to have forgotten all the emails we sent about this book we were both supposed to love, and she was a little pissed off. But it's fine because I had another date right after that one. 

But you actually go to the dates?

Oh yes, it's me there, absolutely. There's only been a few times when I couldn't make it but the date looked interesting so I sent my local assistant.

He pretended to be you?

Yeah. He looks sort of like me so if we had to do the switch we could have, but he wasn't impressed with them, he said.

Has that caused any trouble in your life?

Well, I outsource my break ups because I don't like doing those and this one girl didn't like it so she came to my apartment and started yelling at me.

How long had you been going out?

For a while. We were engaged but I just wasn't feeling it. It was my assistant who asked her to marry me, actually. Over text. I wasn't that happy that he did that. So then I had to have him break up for me. 

Wait, so are you outsourcing this interview?

I can't comment on that.

I mean, I don't know what you sound like so this could be your assistant.

Contractually I cannot say if this interview is outsourced.

So it is?

I cannot say. 

 How long have you "not" been working for Jem?

I cannot talk about that. If you don't have any more questions, I should go.

How much does he pay you?

Not enough.

What does Jem do all day when he's not getting updates.

Watches a lot of TV. I mean, I watch a lot of TV.

Outsourcing is really paying off for you.

Yep, I'm pretty much all caught up on my television.