Ten Ways to Jumpstart Creativity For Writers

Ten Ways to Jumpstart Creativity For Writers

It’s one thing to have the discipline to sit down every day to write, but it’s other to sit down and come up with fantastic ideas for stories that get all the likes.

It's much easier to sit down and stare at your cat who is looking at birds who are pecking at the compost. Inside the compost are worms who are screaming and trying to get away from the birds. They're crawling through the compost and dirt. Can they get away? Is the dirt screaming too? Do inanimate objects scream but we just can't hear them?

Sure, you could spend all day with these thoughts, but you have work to do.

It’s time to take action to jumpstart those creative juices and stop focusing on the screaming.

1. Rob a Bank

The bank heist is a common event in so many movies and books and you should probably get first-hand knowledge. How does one plan to rob a bank, what are the preparations? Should you wear a mask or a stocking? Should you bring a water gun or a real gun?

2. Take an Ice Bath

Performance coach Tony Robbins jumps into a cold pool or river every morning. I know this because I've been watching him from the bushes where I'm hiding. He has so many creative ideas and this is probably why.

3. Talk to a Child

Children have great imaginations. Go to your local park and strike up a conversation with a child and have them outline a plot for a best-selling murder mystery. They shouldn't come after you legally, because children don't know how to hire lawyers. Yeah, they're not that smart.

4. Don't Be Perfect

Done is better than perfect. Let your creativity be messy, fun, and unpredictable. Writing a story? Use crayons on your computer screen. It's not perfect but that's okay.

5. Go for a Walk

Walking can boost creativity. Any physical movement is really good for your brain. Wiggle your toes. Scrunch your ears. Bounce your belly. Skip. Jump on that car. Throw that rock through the glass of that coffee shop where the barista was really rude. Run.

6. People Watch

People watching is a great way to come up with ideas for stories. Get your binoculars and look at the apartment building across from you. There is drama happening in every window, if you look long enough.

7. Go Blue

Blue is a color that lets us relax. Strip naked and paint yourself blue. Once you are relaxed you can create.

8. Laugh

Laughter and imagination go together. Studies show just watching one clip of a laughing baby can boost creativity. Just imagine if you watched a clip of one hundred babies laughing. That clip doesn't exist? Make it.

9. Feed Your Creativity

Certain foods are especially good for fostering creativity. Eat all of them to find out which ones.

10. Embrace the Absurd

One day you'll die. Yet you are expected to be relatively cheerful on a daily basis. Write a story about that.